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July 2017 Move-Pak Newsletter

Did You Know?

Do you have the right insurance to pay for damage to a Shipper’s premises?

If you damage a Shipper’s property – the property that you have been hired to move – coverage is normally provided by your cargo insurance policy. So, what coverage applies if you damage the walls, scratch the hardwood floors, or damage an elevator in the course of the moving job?

Most insurance companies consider this part of the loading and unloading extension of your commercial auto liability policy. If you have a commercial auto liability policy, you should have the correct coverage.

Then what happens when you are hired to move a customer from the second floor to the twelfth floor of an apartment or office building? No autos are involved in this moving project – how can this be an auto claim? Some insurance companies will still consider this an auto claim, but other companies might see this as a general liability claim. Do you have a general liability policy? Will it cover this kind of claim?

If your company ever conducts these on-premises/no trucks involved kinds of moving jobs, be sure to have the conversation with your insurance representative to make sure you are completely covered.

The other premises issues — alleged theft of property that is not part of a shipment and damage done by a leaking washing machine that your crew connected will be the subject of a future article.

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June 2017 Move-Pak Newsletter

Did You Know?

What does the “Duty to Defend” provision in your insurance policies really mean?


Most liability insurance policies – including your cargo and warehouse legal liability policies – contain this Duty to Defend provision.  Mostly this means that if you get sued, your insurance company will defend you.  Frankly, other than paying claims, this is one of the most important reasons that you buy insurance.  However, there are a few things you need to understand about this duty:
  • Once the limit of liability has been paid or offered to be paid, the insurance company’s obligation to defend you may be over – they may no longer be obligated to provide you legal defense.
  • If the insurance company determines that coverage under the policy does not apply, they are not obligated to provide you a defense.
  • Most of the time the expenses involved in providing you legal defense (investigations, lawyer’s costs, court costs) is not limited, and is in addition to the limit of liability provided by the policy.   However, this is not always the case!
Make sure you read and understand the duty to defend provisions in your policies.

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Carole Boettcher will be presenting “Making the Right Choices About Insurance for Your Company” at the Illinois Association’s 64th annual convention and trade show to be held February 21st and 22nd at the Bloomington-Normal Marriott Hotel and Convention Center.

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Move-Pak principal Carole Boettcher gives Paul Hanson insureds and brokers an opportunity to tap into her expertise through consulting services, books

Napa, CA—Sept. 29, 2016—Paul Hanson Partners, a leading insurance program administrator for the moving & storage and transportation industry, today announced a strategic alliance with
Move-Pak Consulting. Through this partnership, Move-Pak principal and industry veteran Carole Boettcher will provide discounted access to expert consulting services and educational books
through Paul Hanson Partners’ new Mover’s Choice Online portal.

For moving & storage companies insured through Mover’s Choice Insurance, Boettcher offers a complete package of consulting services on topics including:

  • Insurance contracts and policies, identifying any gaps in coverage
  • Key business practices, including bills of lading, valuation, training for drivers, dispatch and operations
  • Selling valuation coverage and understanding the difference between valuation and insurance for claims professionals, drivers and salespeople.

Her books, The Movers Guide to Insurance and The Movers Guide to Valuation, will be available for purchase at a discounted rate through Mover’s Choice Online.

In addition to educating insureds, Boettcher consults with brokers who work with Mover’s Choice. Her training for new agents gets them up to speed on the insurance issues and risks facing the moving & storage industry, including coverage issues and valuation.

“We could not be more pleased about integrating Carole Boettcher into the Mover’s Choice team,” says Lisa Paul, President and CEO of Paul Hanson Partners. “Carole’s tremendous expertise in the moving industry on understanding policy forms, valuations and business management for movers will be a central feature of training for salesmen, claims personnel and van foremen.”

Boettcher has been working within the moving & storage insurance industry since 1983 and has extensive management and underwriting experience with major insurance organizations. From 1992 to 1994, she served on the board of directors for the California Moving & Storage Association. An active member of the moving & storage community, she maintains membership in state and national moving & storage associations and speaks at moving & storage and van lines conferences.

Boettcher is also working with affiliate company Paul Hanson Partners International, a consulting firm that helps transportation companies improve operational efficiency, to design new industry cargo, warehouse legal and shipper’s interest coverages. This from dock-to-door approach impacts all companies in the domestic and international supply chain.

About Paul Hanson Partners

Paul Hanson Partners was founded in 1993 and provides risk management and insurance placement services nationally to the transportation industry, with specialized expertise in the moving and storage and logistics industries. The Napa, Calif. based company has developed a reputation as an expert in insurance products and offers a unique approach to providing customer service to specific niches within the transportation industry. Paul Hanson Partners currently insures more than 7,000 companies across the nation and is endorsed by several van lines, motor carriers, and state associations. PHP underwrites and operates Mover’s Choice and Biz Choice.