DO YOU KNOW what may not be covered for premises claims?

A shipper is claiming that jewelry disappeared during a moving project – what coverage might apply?

In most cases movers do not accept responsibility for jewelry as part of a shipment. If you DO accept liability for loss or damage to high value items such as jewelry, your cargo coverage might apply to such a claim. However, if jewelry is not part of the shipment, most insurance policies have “employee dishonesty” exclusions. So, what can you do?

Some insurance policies have limited coverage for jewelry, some insurance policies with crime coverage might apply to this claim. Since some policies would have no coverage for this type of claim, have a conversation with your insurance provider to find out what coverage you might have. Also, your pre-move walk-through should make sure that no valuables are exposed.

What about damage that occurs AFTER the moving project? Water damage from ice makers, coffee systems, or washing machines; pictures that fall off the wall, furniture that falls over, beds that come apart, even boxes that cause fires… These are called “completed operations” losses and should be included in your general liability policy. Some general liability policies do not include the products/completed operations section – again, check with your insurance provider to be sure that you DO have this coverage. These claims don’t happen very often, but can be very difficult especially when children are injured by anything that movers leave behind.