Now that the busy moving season is starting to wind down, hopefully it has been a profitable season for your moving & storage business. As the end of the year approaches, planning for the future is on everyone’s agenda. Protecting your company using standardized procedures and explanatory documents are important items to be consider in your future planning. Some of this new content might help!

Although most of the questions I receive are about valuation or claims, I also get questions from moving companies on how to find information, what forms to use in unregulated states or for unregulated operations, how to handle storage and SIT conversions, what warehouse insurance amount is best, and other topics. I have worked with individual companies to develop forms and procedures, but it has been pointed out that some of these may have broader applications.

At the bottom of the Educational Materials page on my website there is a new “Move-Pak Information Resources” section with articles, charts and forms that are free to download. Some of these may be useful for your business and might be incorporated into your current procedures.

In conjunction with a moving-specialty broker, I recently recorded some training-issue videos. I hope to have these on the website later this month.

Let me know if these items are helpful and what other topics might be included.