DO YOU KNOW if all of your operations are insured?

Local Moving and Storage companies have diversified their operations over the past ten years. Now many companies conduct mobile and traditional self-storage, storage and delivery logistics, white glove delivery, records storage, commercial storage, appliance delivery and other kinds of operations.

As long as all of your vehicles are properly listed on your commercial auto policy, there should be no issues with your commercial automobile coverage. However, you need to be sure that your general liability policy includes coverage for all of your operations – providing for bodily injury and/or property damage done during the operation or delivery and for any loss or damage that may occur after completion of the project.

The real difficulties can arise in your cargo and/or warehouse policies. Some policies written for traditional moving & storage companies actually exclude some of these newer kinds of operations. For example, if your company does self-storage or mobile self-storage make sure that some coverage is provided – even though there is generally no legal liability for property classified as self-storage, there are circumstances where a mover or warehouseman could be held legally liable for damage. There could be similar problems with new furniture or logistics.

Tell your insurance person every kind of operation conducted by your company and make sure that your policies provide the appropriate coverage. You really need to know if you have the correct coverage before there is a claim that may not be covered.