In the past few weeks I have received questions about regulatory filings and what types of companies need to apply for and receive state and federal authorities or numbers.

  • Do intra-state only moving companies need to have a federal DOT number?
    • There are now 36 states that require intra-state carriers to have DOT numbers.
  • Which states require household goods carriers to secure a state permit or authority?
    • As far as I have been able to determine, there are 38 states regulating household goods movers.
  • Are there states with zones or areas exempt from household goods regulations? What exactly are “exempt” zones?
    • I found ten states with some type of exempt zones.
  • Are there states that require movers to verify coverage for Workers Compensation or General Liability insurance?
    • Yes
  • Do any states require cargo insurance limits higher than the Federal $10,000 limit for household goods carriers?
    • Yes, seven states

Lots of important questions, but how do you find the answers? Well, hours on the internet; and after that verifying that the information found on one site is accurate. Also, of course, the rules change as states formulate new regulations.

Within the next month there will be a new section on my website containing summary charts of answers to these questions. I will not guarantee 100% accuracy, but the charts represent my best effort to find the correct information. If you download these charts when they are available and find errors, please notify me as soon as possible so that the charts can be updated with the proper information.