Lately many of us have been bombarded with political advertising of one sort or another. These political advertising and public relations people tell us that negative ads are not as successful as positive ads. The negative ones just make more people angry than the number of people persuaded by these kinds of ads.

And yet most of the local or national public relations campaigns for the moving industry are negative! Mostly they are about the awful nasty evil “bandit” movers and how consumers should be warned to stay away.
Unfortunately, with the short attention span of most people looking at advertising these days, they may just come away with the “awful nasty evil movers” message.

Let’s face it, there are bad actors in all sorts of services to homeowners – plumbers, contractors, roofers, landscapers, etc. Do the ads for those industries talk about the bad guys? (Well, maybe there are some complaints about plumbers exposing too much of their backsides.)

Why not publicize the best parts of our industry? Like those convoys of moving trucks taking supplies to residents in disaster areas…Like the movers who help residents get their valuable possessions out of the way of fires or floods…Like “Move for Hunger” … Like storing and delivering millions of Girl Scout Cookies every year…Like the industry commitment to Special Olympics and other charities.

There really are lots of wonderful examples highlighting the moving Good Guys and Gals; so let’s brag about these and let the bandit or pirate movers get their own publicity – hopefully on wanted posters.