The start of a new year – 2018 – may mean lots of changes. Tax law changes, tariff changes, labor laws, regulatory changes from both your federal and/or state regulator. City, County, Fire, and other local jurisdictions may have changes that could impact your moving and storage business.

So, try to find out if any changes will affect you.

Remember that the ELD Mandate deadline was 12/18/17, and the delayed opening of UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) was January 5, 2018.

For MOVE-PAK CONSULTING, it means that we have moved! And, of course, we used a licensed and insured moving company who did a great job! We are still unpacking, but so far nothing has been damaged (except for my knees!)

The new address is 519 Alameda Street, Altadena, CA 91001. Anything that has been ordered through the website may be delayed until everything is unpacked. Sorry about that!