July 2017 Move-Pak Newsletter

Did You Know?

Do you have the right insurance to pay for damage to a Shipper’s premises?

If you damage a Shipper’s property – the property that you have been hired to move – coverage is normally provided by your cargo insurance policy. So, what coverage applies if you damage the walls, scratch the hardwood floors, or damage an elevator in the course of the moving job?

Most insurance companies consider this part of the loading and unloading extension of your commercial auto liability policy. If you have a commercial auto liability policy, you should have the correct coverage.

Then what happens when you are hired to move a customer from the second floor to the twelfth floor of an apartment or office building? No autos are involved in this moving project – how can this be an auto claim? Some insurance companies will still consider this an auto claim, but other companies might see this as a general liability claim. Do you have a general liability policy? Will it cover this kind of claim?

If your company ever conducts these on-premises/no trucks involved kinds of moving jobs, be sure to have the conversation with your insurance representative to make sure you are completely covered.

The other premises issues — alleged theft of property that is not part of a shipment and damage done by a leaking washing machine that your crew connected will be the subject of a future article.

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