Movers Guide to Insurance


Everything you need to know about insurance in order to make sure your business is adequately protected. It will help you understand Coverage types, Premium Charges, Insurance terms and how to avoid common pitfalls.

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Movers Guide to Valuation


This book will teach you everything you need to know about the valuation process: what valuation is, rules for all 50 states, interstate rules, and specialty situations such as military valuation rules as well as many helpful resources.

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The Insurance Agency Guide to Movers


Help for insurance agencies to better serve their moving customers by providing information on what movers do, what equipment is used in the moving business, a glossary of moving and storage terms, service requirements and priorities, and how to evaluate profitable moving accounts.

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Move-Pak Information Resources

These charts and forms summarize information for moving & storage companies and the insurance people who serve this industry. The charts are summaries only – do not rely on these to answer all compliance issues. The sample forms should be validated before use. There is no charge for these downloads.

Insurance Filing Forms and Endorsements Download Now

State Summary of Licensing Requirements Download Now

Estimating Warehouse Insurance Amounts Download Now

Privacy Release for Driving Records Download Now

Sample Claims Release Download Now

Office Tenant Moving Agreement Download Now

Sample Bill of Lading Download Now

Sample Storage Contract and Warehouse Receipt Download Now

Sample Non-HHG Bill of Lading Download Now

Sample Non-HHG Delivery Agreement Download Now

Sample HHG Claim Form Download Now

SIT Conversions Download Now

Contractor Apocalypse-Legal Alert Download Now

UCC Sections-Warehouse Lien Download Now