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Moving & storage companies need to know about insurance in order to make sure their business is adequately protected. This means understanding the different coverage types, how premiums are charged, insurance terms and how to avoid common pitfalls.

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This book will teach moving & storage companies everything they need to know about the valuation process: what valuation is, rules for all 50 states, interstate rules, and specialty situations such as military valuation rules as well as many helpful resources.

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Insurance agencies have difficulty finding trained support people to service their moving & storage books of business. CSRs or new producers may have training and certification on commercial auto issues,

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Downloads for the Insurance Education Series

What do movers do and how do they operate

Reviewing & Understanding Commercial Auto

Reviewing & Understanding Cargo
Reviewing & Understanding Warehouse

Reviewing & Understanding Cargo/Warehouse Options

Reviewing & Understanding Property

Reviewing & Understanding General Liability

Reviewing & Understanding Movers Equipment

Reviewing & Understanding Crime & Fidelity

Reviewing & Understanding Workers Compensation
Service Requirements & Priorities for Handling Moving Accounts

Glossary of Terms



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