Move-Pak is the leading consulting group for Moving & Storage Insurance. We help navigate the complex world of Moving & Storage insurance through consulting services and educational materials on insurance-related issues for brokers, moving & storage companies, state moving associations, and insurance carriers.

Industry Expertise


Move-Pak Consulting brings you the knowledge over 30 years of moving and storage insurance experience. Our founder Carole Boettcher is a recognized industry expert who has testified before the California and Oregon Public Utilities Commissions on insurance issues pertaining to the moving & storage industry.


Consulting Services



For Movers & Associations:


Move-Pak Consulting offers movers a complete consulting package. This includes reviews of documents, valuation contracts and processes. Move-Pak will analyze your current Insurance situation and prepare you for future renewals or review offers from different insurance providers.

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For Insurance Brokers, Program Managers & Carriers:


Move-Pak Consulting offers Agent training on insurance issues relevant to your clients. Move-Pak will also review and improve your current policies and procedures. Move-Pak offers advice on any unusual or difficult claims issues and can offer expert testimony for your company.

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Educational Materials


Movers Guide to Insurance
$20.00   Buy Now

Everything you need to know about insurance in order to make sure your business is adequately protected. It will help you understand Coverage types, Premium Charges, Insurance terms and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Movers Guide to Valuation
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This book will teach you everything you need to know about the valuation process: what valuation is, rules for all 50 states, interstate rules, and specialty situations such as military valuation rules as well as many helpful resources.

The Insurance Agency Guide to Movers
$25.00   Buy Now

Help for insurance agencies to better serve their moving customers by providing information on what movers do, what equipment is used in the moving business, a glossary of moving and storage terms, service requirements and priorities, and how to evaluate profitable moving accounts.