Move-Pak is the leading consulting group for Moving & Storage Insurance. We help navigate the complex world of Moving & Storage insurance through consulting services and educational materials on insurance-related issues for brokers, moving & storage companies, state moving associations, and insurance carriers.

Industry Expertise


Move-Pak Consulting brings you the knowledge over 30 years of moving and storage insurance experience. Our founder Carole Boettcher is a recognized industry expert who has testified before the California and Oregon Public Utilities Commissions on insurance issues pertaining to the moving & storage industry.


Consulting Services



For Movers & Associations:


Move-Pak Consulting offers movers a complete consulting package. This includes reviews of documents, valuation contracts and processes. Move-Pak will analyze your current Insurance situation and prepare you for future renewals or review offers from different insurance providers.

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For Insurance Brokers, Program Managers & Carriers:


Move-Pak Consulting offers Agent training on insurance issues relevant to your clients. Move-Pak will also review and improve your current policies and procedures. Move-Pak offers advice on any unusual or difficult claims issues and can offer expert testimony for your company.

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